Neonatal Services for Families in Toronto

Your Newborn, Our Support

A newborn baby can pose a number of challenges and concerns for new parents. You don’t have to do it alone! Baby Bee Newborn Consulting offers neonatal support for families!

Hi, I'm Birgit

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Birgit has over 40 years experience as a Registered Nurse at Mount Sinai, Hospital for Sick Children and Humber River Hospital. She is now taking her career in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing from the hospital setting into the community. As a mother of four herself, she is passionate to help families overcome the many challenges that come with new parenthood. Whether you need help with breast-feeding, newborn care, or ongoing support, she is here for you!

Why Choose Baby Bee?

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Registered Nurse

Birgit has over 40 years of experience as an NICU nurse.

Premature Newborn Experience

Experienced with the challenges of nursing a premature newborn

Mother of Four

Birgit is a mother to four children, all exclusively breastfed

Compassionate Approach

Birgit is here to help and assist with you any support you need

Neonatal Services

Newborn Assessments
Parent & Family Teaching
Breastfeeding Support
Ongoing Support

Success Stories

“I have known Birgit for about 2 years. I first met Birgit in the Nicu where she worked as a nurse, while our son was kept for 3 weeks. When we finally brought our little guy home, I hired Birgit as a consultant. I have always known Birgit to be of sound character, being compassionate, patient, and sincere.”

Laura & Agostino

“Thank you for being a parent to our children when we couldn’t spend every hour at their bed. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on when we needed to vent or cry. You may just be doing your job, but you are touching lives with every family you meet. Thank you for being my children’s miracle worker.”

Silvia, Grateful Mom, NICU

“After calling Birgit for help, she came to us with compassion, understanding and the utmost professionalism. In the first visit she had me relaxed, my baby latched and had restored some sense of calm in my home. By her third visit she had me feeling confident that I could nurse without any further assistance.” 

Ashley Orsini​​

“Birgit made me feel completely at ease at a time when I was navigating many of the “firsts” of motherhood. Her presence calmed and grounded me, helped me regain control, and gave me the confidence to grow needed skills during a vulnerable time. I’m so grateful for her neonatal support!”


“Birgit’s help with breastfeeding, especially in those first few days when everything is so new and unpredictable as a new mom made a real difference. She truly is a baby guardian and takes away your worry and angst. Birgit will give you the tools to help you carry on with confidence as a new mom.”